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2012 Domaine Grand Roche Saint Bris~ Sauvingon Blanc

2012 Domaine Grand Roche Saint Bris~ Sauvingon Blanc
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Domaine Grand Roche produces white Burgundy from the far north, in and around Chablis. The climate is cool and the soil is limestone and kimmeridgian. Though everyone knows that white Burgundy is made from the Chardonnay grape, by law, few know that in that parcel called Saint Bris Sauvignon Blanc is a legal yet highly restricted grape varietal . Domaine Grand Roche produces less than 200 cases of this Sauvignon Blanc, and it is delightful. The 2012 Roche Saint Bris is not at all typical of Sauvignon Blanc. The flavors are a vibrant combination of white peaches and fresh melon. The structure is rich enough for all fish, not just flaky white, as well as chicken and pork. This wine finishes crisply and with spice. The Domaine Grand Roche Saint Bris is a beautiful bottle of white wine, and due to the soil and climate from which it originates, it is most likely quite different from any Sauvignon Blanc you have previously experienced.BBQ sauce and Cajun spice is no problem for this white- it will hold up.

Wine Characteristics : 
This white wine made next door to Auxerre from the Sauvignon grape is often the colour of pale straw or light gold. Aromas are of citrus fruits (grapefruit, mandarin orange), peach, and crushed blackcurrant leaves with sometimes exotic scents (lychee). This complexity introduces a fruit which is full, flowery and tender, with a hint of salt and spice in the finish. Jammy and preserved-fruit aromas will appear as the wine ages. This is a wine that can be either enjoyed young or after having aged a few years


Terroirs : 
The soils are derived from various Jurassic limestones ranging from Portlandian to Kimmeridgian. Alluvial soils and fossiliferous Lower Kimmeridgian limestone astartes are found alongside the river and at the foot of the marlylimestone slopes. The best situated plots are on the open hillside facing north, so maturation takes place under ideal conditions which favour the wine's fruit-content.


Wine Steward's Tip : 
Something of an oddity in Burgundy, the Sauvignon grape here yields a wine remarkable for its splendid aromatic range, which makes it a frisky partner for oysters and crustaceans. Taken as a pre-dinner drink, it stimulates the taste-buds. It is magisterial with goat cheeses, and its vivacity enlivens all fish dishes and particularly Scandinavian-style recipes. It also harmonizes very well with highly-spiced curries or saffron-flavoured dishes.
Serving temperatures : 8 to 10 °C as aperitif, 10 to 11 °C with food.