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2007 Domaine Trapet A Minima

2007 Domaine Trapet A Minima
Price: $24.99

The Domain Trapet is known for its biodynamic wines and for its consistent quality and high standards. A Minima is a very interesting Passetougrain Burgundy. As you know, this AOC is the blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay. The aromas are very beautiful, clean and offer an interesting complexity. Hints of pepper in nose first, then sweet aromas of rose, cherry, red fruit not too ripe. The addition of Gamay brings peppery note that this part in aeration and that I find increasingly in Gamay vinified naturally. Not unpleasant, it just lends a pep of aromas that fade gently on finish.

On the palate the wine is almost perfect. No traces of acidity, good structure and silky tannins. A real treat as the aromas of red fruit and pink combine in a delightful fusion.

A Minima is the perfect wine to address Burgundy (even if it contains Gamay) and consumers will find here a most charming friend.